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The name of the Association shall be “ SDMCET OLD STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION ( ALUMNI )”,Dharwad and for the sake of brevity be also called as “SDMCET-AA” . In this Memorandum of Association and the annexed Rules and Regulations / Bye Laws , the words “SDMCET-AA” and /or “The Association” shall mean the “SDMCET ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (ALUMNI) ”.


The Registered Office of the Association shall be in the premises of SDM College of Engineering and Technology , Dhavalgiri, Dharwad – 580 002.

The Jurisdiction

The Registered Office of the Association shall be in the premises of SDM College of Engineering and Technology , Dhavalgiri, Dharwad – 580 002.

The membership of the Association shall consist of four categories viz.,

Honorary Life Member
Life Members and
Associate Members

Honorary Member

Persons / Staff connected with the SDMCET and who have cobntributed substantially to the development of the SDMCET will be recognized as Honorary Life Members. The recognition of the Honorary Life Members shall be done by the Executive Committee of the Association at its meeting with absolute majority i.e with at least 75% of the members present at the meeting voting in favour of the motion . However, due notice shall be given to the members about the agenda to be discussed at the meeting.


Any past student of the college or permanent faculty of SDMCET who pays a contribution fee of Rs. 5,000/- and above shall be eligible to be called a Patron.

Life Member

The students of the college after the completion of the course are eligible to become the life member by paying a contribution of Rs. 1,000/-. Teaching staff of SDMCET who have served as permanent staff and those who have completed 5 years of their service as members of the teaching staff are eligible to become Life member of the association by contributing an amount of Rs. 1,000/- Associate members after completion of the course shall automatically become the life members.

Associate Member

Students joining the SDMCET can become the Associate member of the Association by paying a contribution of Rs 1,000/-

The Association shall function under the guidance of Dr. Veerendra Heggade, President, SDM Education Society who will act as Chief Mentor of the Association.

The management of the Association shall vest in the Managing Committee duly constituted comprising of the following office bearers: President - (One )A past student of the SDMCET and a life member who is also a serving faculty of SDMCET.
Vice - Presidents ( Two- Internal & External ) -
Internal - A life member who is one of the serving faculty of SDMCET
External - A life member who is a past student preferably staying within the corporation limits of Hubli - Dharwad.
Honorary Secretaries ( Two- Internal & External ) -
Internal - A life member who is one of the serving faculty of SDMCET
External - A life member who is a past student preferably staying within the corporation limits of Hubli - Dharwad.
Honorary Treasurer - ( One) A life member who is one of the serving faculty of SDMCET


For day to day management of the Association, there shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following:
The immediate Past President of SDMCET-AA
The Principal of SDMCET as an Ex-Officio member
Five members elected by the General Body representing the Life Members - not exceeding one member per stream of Engineering .
Two members co-opted by the Executive Committee from the life members after the first General Body meeting.

The Executive Committee shall meet as often as may be required for dispatching the business .However, at least one meeting shall take place every month. Normally the meetings shall be presided over by the President.

The Executive Committee members shall mutually distribute among themselves the various duties and responsibilities for the smooth working of the Association.


The tenure of the Managing Committee and the Executive Committee shall be two financial years. The casual vacancies caused in the both these Committees shall be filled in by the respective Committee to hold office till the next election. Elections to the Executive committee shall be held once in two financial years.


The General Body shall be the supreme authority for all matters of the Association. It shall consist of the members of the Association belonging to all the four categories and the members of the Managing and Executive Committees. The policy decisions shall be taken by the General Body whereas the execution of the policy matters shall rest with Managing/Executive Committees.


The General Body meetings shall be of two types, viz., Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting. Whereas the annual general meeting shall be convened every year within six months after the close of the accounting year and the audited accounts shall be considered thereat, a special general meeting may be convened either under the instructions of the President or on a requisition by at least one third members for considering some urgent and important matter.


The Managing Committee / Executive Committee among themselves appoint one member to function as the Chairman and fix the period and other terms and conditions. The Chairman so appointed shall preside over all the meetings of the General Body, Managing Committee and the Executive Committee. He shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes - for and against any motion at any of the meetings. If at any meeting the Chairman is not in a position to attend, the members among themselves elect a Chairman to conduct the meeting convened.


For convening the Annual General Meeting of the General Body, a 21 days' notice in writing is required , whereas for other classes of meetings, a notice of 10 days is sufficient. While counting the period of notice, the date of posting the notice and the date of the meeting shall be excluded.


For conducting the Annual General Meeting and the Special General Meetings of the General Meetings, the quorum shall be one tenth of the total members or Fifty members present in person. For other meetings, the quorum shall be one third of the total strength or three members , which ever is less. If there is no quorum at any meeting the meeting shall stand adjourned by half an hour and at the adjourned meeting the members present shall constitute the quorum.


The proceedings of the meetings shall be recorded in writing in a bound book and initialed by the Chairman . At the subsequent meeting of the class, the minutes of the previous meetings shall be read and approved with or without suitable modifications.

  • The main objects of the Association shall be for promotion of charity, education, science, technology, literature, fine arts and other objects as described under Section 3 of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 and shall be charitable within the meaning of the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. The following objects are illustrative of the main objects of the association.
  • Serving as a forum to promote and foster the relationship between the association, the present students, the staff and the management of SDM College of Engineering and Technology ( SDMCET) with the basic objective of exchange of ideas which besides being mutually beneficial, will generally help to serve the Alma mater in achieving excellence in technical education and contribute to improve the quality of life of the general public as visualized by the visionary Founder of SDMCET, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.
  • Actively and constructively participating in the well being of the SDMCET, by utilizing the goodwill , rich experience and services of the old students of the college who are a fraternity of professional engineering disciplines spread all over the country and abroad.
  • Supplementing the efforts of the management of SDMCET and its governing council in the growth of the Alma mater at all times.
  • Conducting programmes that are conducive and necessary to maintain continuous fellowship with the old students of the college.
  • Arranging regular meets and conducting programmes enabling interaction and to act as an effective link between the present and the past students of the college.
  • Making intensive efforts to prepare a data bank of the past students of the college.
  • Arranging career guidance programmes for the out-going students and orientation lectures to the incoming students every year.
  • Arranging felicitation to the meritorious students and to prepare a Roll of Honour.
  • Establish prizes, scholarships and motivate the past students in contributing funds for such activities.
  • Assisting the out-going students of the college in personality development and prepare them to face campus selection by reputed prospective employers.
  • Assisting the meritorious but financially weak students of the college through loan scholarships and lending technical books and material.
  • Developing a benevolent fund through contributions from the old students for the benefit of the deserving present students.
  • Contributing to the Prime Ministers Relief fund / Chief Ministers’ Relief Fund in times of natural and /or national calamities.
  • Publishing the News letters / house journal, hosting and maintaining a Website and provide a platform for the past and the present students for their mutual interaction and benefit.
  • Actively involve in improving the infrastructure at the college which will benefit the students at large and thus build an image of the Alma mater in the public.
  • Establishing branches and chapters at convenient places in the state/country for carrying on the above mentioned programmes of the Association more effectively.
  • To provide facilities for carrying on research, basic as well as applied in all discipline of engineering and technology keeping in view the socio-economic needs of the society /country.
  • To found, fund , establish and manage research programmes in all discipline of engineering and technology.
  • To carry on such activity to strengthen the bond of friendship and brotherhood.
  • To acquire from time to time all such articles, equipment, books, chattels and effects as may be necessary or convenient for attaining the main objects of the association
  • To buy, sell, refine any thing, substance , apparatus capable of being used in attainment of the main objects of the association
  • To enter in to contracts, agreements including any technical and/or financial collaboration and arrangements with any Indian or Foreign entity, person, organization, firm, company or body corporate for carrying out the main objects of the association more efficiently and effectively
  • To acquire, build , construct , alter, improve , run, maintain, enlarge, pull down, remove or replace and to develop , carry out and control any building, structure, facility which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to advance the association’s interest and to contribute, subsidise or otherwise assist or take part in construction, improvement, maintenance , development , working management , carrying out or control thereof and to join with any other organization and /or person in doing any of these things
  • To employ experts, consultants, technicians, professionals etc, for helping the association in carrying out the main objects more effectively and efficiently
  • To purchase , take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire any movables and /or immovable property , office premises, facility, computers , audio/video equipment etc
  • To invest and deal with any surplus money available in a manner as laid down in The Indian Trust Act
  • To pay of the funds of the Association all expenses which the Association may lawfully pay with respect to the formation of the Association / its registration with the competent authority
  • To employ any staff either full time or part time necessary for the administrative purposes and to provide for their welfare
  • To create depreciation fund, reserve fund , or any other funds out of the surplus remaining after payment of all legitimate expenses for the day to day management of the Association
  • To do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all the objects mentioned above


No portion of the income and property of the society shall be paid, applied or transferred directly or indirectly by whatsoever manner in whatsoever form to any member of the society or any person claiming through any of the members provided that nothing hereto contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration or reward to any officer, employee or staff of the Association in return for any service rendered by them to the Association.


The President and the Vice- President of the Association are authorized to correspond with the Registrar of Societies , Dharwad in connection with the registration of the Association and any corrections and / or amendments to the above provisions of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations.


The list of the members constituting the First Governing Body of the Association is appended hereto. S.D.M. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY OLD STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION ( ALUMNI) DHARWAD - 580 002.

The income of the Association shall consist of the following:

Membership Fees

Donations and voluntary contributions from members Income from the investment and property of the Association

Miscellaneous income

The income of the Association shall be applied to the attainment of the objects of the Association as aforesaid and any accumulation of the income shall also be deemed to have been applied for the objects of the Association. The surplus funds of the association not immediately required for the day to day working shall be judiciously invested in the manner as laid down in the Indian Trust Act.


The surplus available with the existing voluntary group ( unregistered) of the past / present students and the faculty/teaching staff of SDMCET for the welfare and benefit of the students of the college shall constitute the initial corpus of the Association.


The Association shall cause to maintain proper books of account of all the monies received and spent for the purpose and objects of the Association. After the close of the year the accounts shall be got audited by a Chartered Accountant as required by the provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. The first auditor shall be appointed and his remuneration fixed by the Executive Committee and for second and subsequent financial years the appointment and the remuneration shall be considered by the General Body at its annual general meetings.


The Association shall follow the fiscal year as the accounting year i.e. from 1st April to 31st March .


The provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 and the Rules framed there under , in particular Sections 9,10,13,21 ,22 and 23 shall be followed by the Association. Should there arise any dispute , doubt , difference about the interpretation of this deed on any matters afore said, the said matter shall be referred to an arbitrator chosen by a consensus among the members of the General Body and the decision of the arbitrator shall be binding on all.

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